Monday, April 16, 2012

When Is it the best time to have a protein Shake?

Many people ask this question a lot, when should i have my protein shake? and my answer to this question always depends on the persons work out regiment and diet. For example, I always recommend for people to do their cardio on an empty stomach early on in their day. Some people however, feel fatigued and may also experience dizziness due to hunger. For those circumstances i recommend having at least 25gr of whey protein 30 min before working out which will provide them with the feeling of fullness and will also fuel their muscles with some fast absorbed protein. Another question that often arises is when should i take my protein shake before or after i lift weights? both time frames are good, for as long you take it 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after the work out. The body has the ability to  create a protein pool so the amount of protein you ingest will be utilized eventually in the right moment. The key factor you want to take into account is how much protein you ingest on a daily bases which this number should be anywhere from 1 gram per body pound to 1.6grams per body pound depending on the intensity of your work outs and the amount of muscle you want to put on. I highly recommend using protein shakes as a supplement to your diet rather than a substitute, so always focus on eating your chicken, beef, fish, turkey etc and have the shakes at times when eating such meals would inhibit you from having an efficient work out.

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