Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Sodium really bad for you?

Take the rumors with a grain of salt. there is a lot of pressure by medical association to lower dietary sodium, since it is linked to hypertension, strokes and deaths. However if you examine the Japanese diet, which has one of the highest sodium contents in the world also have one of the highest life expectancies. Sodium is actually extremely important for maintaining ultimate health, it is vitally important for maintaining blood pressure and for your nervous system function. In addition it is very important for your digestion one of the key components of digestion is hydrochloric acid and chlorine which is a key element of hydrochloric acid comes from dietary salt. My concern would not be that much the salt, but what kind of salt do you take and what foods you combine it with? the dangers of salt come from the refined salt or table salt that we eat and our food industry uses which has 2.5% toxins which puts a negative toll on your body. Lots of people have turned to sea salt thinking of it as as a better alternative, yet they do not consider the mercury content of the sea. The best salt in the market is unrefined Himalayan salt which comes from the Himalayan mountains. Now when it comes to refined foods you should definitely monitor sodium intake, make sure the sodium intake is less than the calories on the packet. i would however stay away from refined food overall since they use other taste enhancers such as GMO's to compensate for flavor, which are far worse. For bodybuilding purposes sodium does retain some water in your body but mainly when you combine it with a lot of sugary foods, So try not to have the two SS together. If you look at the typical body builder they keep their sodium levels high till a week before competition so their muscles can look round and full while they keep their sugars low and they reverse that the week of the competition to achieve the extra dry look.

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