Wednesday, March 21, 2012

when is the best time to work out?

Lots of people ask me when is the best time to work out. depending on your schedule any time of the day would be great, but if you want to maximize efficiency, you should always consider doing your cardio in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach as well as your ab work out. Reason being is when we wake up our body goes into a catabolic state, which starts breaking down fat for energy, since you have utilized all nutrients from the diet during your sleep. As far as weight lifting goes, 7pm is the best time to lift, since your body is saturated with nutrients from your lunch meal and you are ready to use them to have an intense work out and in turn a good tear on your muscles, which will allow you for more growth as you go into your anabolic state(storing) towards your night rest. Always remember if you want to gain weight and add muscle it is best to give an 8 hour window between cardio and weights, if you cannot do that just do your cardio after weights, never before.

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